Drama First Glance '38 Earnings  Sequence Unit

Drama First Glance '38 Earnings Sequence Unit

After slightly a bad run with"Vampire Detective", OCN is back with anythinglarger and better. "38 IncomeSequence Unit" is shaping up to be one entertaining and properly made summer film in drama form. Taxes may sound boring, yet amongst a duo of not going partners going after a large Bad and corruption being the call of the game, there is lots to revel in here.

Neither taxes or crime are ideas one would go in combination with comedy and yet the drama nicely juggles all 3 in its first 4 episodes. There are in reality witty, laugh-out-loud moments in this and plenty of tie in nicely to the social remark and persona development.Ma Dong-seokis a hoot and a part as the honorable, but gullible Baek Seong-il andSeo In-gukmakes you need to have to slap the smirk off of Yang Jeong-do's face, which turns out to be how we are supposed to feel about them. Their chemistry works and the supporting solid is lovely.

AdvertisementThe series is beautiful impressive in presentation, too. It's miles nicely filmed and rather well paced, giving it a cinematic feel, the action is excellent and the concepts are simple, but presented in a exciting way. "38 Profit Collection Unit" does now not have the meatiest of stories, it has to be said. There are wealthy cartoonish bad guys, corrupt officials and a mysterious benefactor at the back of the young conman. Even so, its plain premise does now notdecrease its entertainment worth whatsoever.

This is possiblythe explanation whywe've gotexact villains with violent dispositions and dark secrets here. Whilst this does kill the option of a more realistic and applicableglance into tax evasion, having a chain where the largest evil are raging older ladiesretaining onto their jewellery would most definitely not charm to the maximum importanttarget audience of a channel known for its action and crime shows. At the similar time, I fear close to the comedy aspect of things, which already dies down in episode four.

Another detail which worries me is the prospective romance between Cheon Seong-hee (Choi Soo-young) and Jeong-do. The talewould nottrulywant information technology at this point and Seong-hee's character is in facta pleasant addition and the user thatassists in keeping Seong-il a little grounded. It is going to exist a disgrace to lose her to the location of love trophy. Nevertheless, some gentle romantic facettale kept out of the style of the show's primary appeal can paintings well.

Personal worries notwithstanding, "38 Revenue Collection Unit" is doing incrediblysmartly and so far. I'm actually notcertain if the presentmajor villain could bethe massive Bad, as he may be used for comedy at times. We've a menacing detective around and the aforementioned mysterious benefactor, so I be expecting more gamersto sign up in up soon. I'mhaving a lookahead to it.

"38 Revenue Collection Unit" is directed byHan Dong-hwa, written byHan Jeong-hoonand featuresMa Dong-seok,Seo In-guk,Choi Soo-youngandSong Ok-sook.