Eric Raves About Co-Star SEO Hyun Jin, Reacts To Being Called A “Kiss Master”

Eric Raves About Co-Star SEO Hyun Jin, Reacts To Being Called A “Kiss Master”

Eric Raves About Co-Star SEO Hyun Jin, Reacts To Being Called A Kiss Masterjun2yng July 2, 2016 0 Eric Raves About Co-Star Seo Hyun Jin, Reacts To Being Called A Kiss Master After the finish of tvN’s “Oh Hae Young Again,” Eric — who calls the drama the drama of his lifetime — had compliment later on praise for Seo Hyun Jin, and gave her all credits for the luck of the drama.

He said, “Among the staff, Seo Hyun Jin… Hae Young is often called a ‘scam character.’ Her acting is that good, and she used to be then bright on set. Despite the reality that she had a massive number of lines, or even if she didn’t sleep the evening before, she brought a truly perfectpower to the set. She’s a jewel.”

Eric went on: “Hae Young turned into a captivatingpersonality and Seo Hyun Jin in point of fact brought her to life. The naturemay havewithout difficultydevelop into annoying, yet she really portrayed her well. … Physically, I were given tired, too, after five days of filming without a sleep, but Hae Young had such so much of lines on most sensible of that. It wasn’t so bad for me because I didn’t have that many.”

Talking about the primary kiss scene he had with Seo Hyun Jin, he said, “There was quite a fewstrainas it was a large kiss scene coming after nine episodes. … And prior to Do Kyung and Hae Young kissed, Anna (Heo Young Ji) and Hoon (Heo Jung Min) had a kiss scene first, and they honestly went at it.” Eric stated that since the other couple’s kiss, they were recommendedby potential of the director to do more.

When told that lovers call Eric a “kiss master,” he laughed and said, “Even I assumed the scene where Hae Young runs to me and leads the kiss was great.”

Talking about what he likes personally, Eric said, “Whether I’m in the lead or not, I love it all.” He then went back to the topic of the drama, and said how demandingit's far to do a kiss scene in front of so many people, although IT looks just right on camera. “It’s hard for guys like me, but it’s more difficult for actresses. Making an allowance for that, Hae Young did a fantastic job.”

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