Ji Soo is returning to 'Doctors'

Ji Soo is returning to 'Doctors'

Ji Soo is coming back to "Doctors" to gasoline the loveline between Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye.

SBS Monday Tuesday drama, "Doctors" has printed Ji Soo's new still images, who showed off his robust screen presence with his quick appearance in a prior episode of the drama.

Ji Soo plays Soo-cheol, who will repeatedlydisplay screen his pure-hearted affection in opposition to Yoo Hyejeong (Park Shin-hye). He immediately earned the hearts of girl drama fanatics when he pulled off his bluff tacky lines in the husky voice uniquely. Yet he disappeared from the drama when he left with Hye-jeong riding a bikethirteen years ago.

In the still photographs revealed on July 2nd, Ji Soo has returned appearing off even manlier appearance. His sharp chin, face hair and the huge beer container perched on his shoulder accentuate his manly guy appeal. His at easeinformaltaste and comfortableair of secrecy are adequate to earn the girl drama fans' center effortlessly.

If Soo-cheol may beany person who will interfere with the romance between Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) and Hye-jeong or act as a cupid's arrow for the couple is drawing attention.