Sisters Slam Dunk Presentations What Went On In the back of The Scenes Of Debut MV

Sisters Slam Dunk Presentations What Went On In the back of The Scenes Of Debut MV

“Sister’s Slam Dunk” Displays What Went On At the back of The Scenes Of Debut MVnotclaira July 1, 2016 0 “Sister’s Slam Dunk” Shows What Went On Behind The Scenes Of Debut MV The July 1 episode of KBS’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk” printed what went on behind-the-scenes of Unnies’ debut tune video, “Shut Up.”

The solidindividuals all practiced non-stop so as to be able for the music video filming. Park Jin Young checked on them several times, sparing no effort to gain minute Hyo Rin’s dream of converting intoa ladystaff member.

After criticizing their functionality several times, Park Jin Young after all gave Unnies some praise, saying, “Kim Sook and Hong Jin Kyung have improved.”

Meanwhile, the music video had a black-with-hot-pink-accents colour scheme, a classy they carried over into their performance on “Music Bank.”

They controlled to get the choreography very best and Jessi gave her all during the filming after her loss ofhobby in old episodes. Tiffany made certain to ask, “Please put Min Hyo Rin in the entireparticular person cuts” in order that the actress may justreside out her dream fully.

The music video follows a story, with Min Hyo Rin as the feminine lead serious about a love line. Yoo Hee Yeol, Park Jin Young, and Kim Joon Ho also seem in the music video.

The “Shut Up” music video could be released on July 8. Watch the newest episode of Sisters Slam Dunk below!

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