Watch: “Show Me The money 5” Performances Resolve  Best 6

Watch: “Show Me The money 5” Performances Resolve Best 6

Watch: Display Me The cashfive Performances ResolveBest half dozen kokoberry July 1, 2016 0 Watch: Show Me The Money 5 Performances Establish Top 6 The July 1 episode of Mnets Show Me the Money 5 featured performances from Dok2 The Quietts team, Zion. T Kushs team, Simon Dominic Grays team, and Gil Mad Clowns team.

First up were Superbee and myunDos functionality of Welcome to Beverly Ills.

Battling them used to be C Jamm and Reddy appearingMaximum Wanted.

Then there were particular person performances. Flowsik held the degree and became later joined through Dok2 and The Quiett. Take a glance at I Just Rapstar below:

Then Xitsuh carried out amongst Zion. T singing. They were joined by Olltii as well.

Next up was BewhYs performance of Forever.

Boi B then was joined by his Rhythm Vitalityindividuals and featured marvel appearances from Cosmic Ladies and Kim Heung Kook in his performance.

SpoilerC Jamm and Reddys performance won opposed to Superbee and myunDos performance. Flowsik was also defeated by Xitsuhs performance. BewhY won against Boi B. The rest contestants at the show are C Jamm, Reddy, Superbee, Xitsuh, BewhY, and #Gun.

Do you accept as true with the results? Which performances were your favorite?

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