Watch: “Sister’s Slam Dunk” Team Unnies Debuts On “Music Bank”

Watch: “Sister’s Slam Dunk” Team Unnies Debuts On “Music Bank”

Watch: Sisters Slam Dunk Staff Unnies Debuts On Song banking concern kokoberry July 1, 2016 0 Watch: Sisters Slam Dunk Organization Unnies Debuts On Music Bank Sisters Slam Dunk group Unnies after all debuts and makes their dreams come true!

The group shaped from the rangedisplayconductedat the July 1 episode of KBS2s Music Bank. The music provecontains some clips from Sisters Slam Dunk appearing their sweat and tears. After operating and practicing tirelessly, the group completed their dreams and debuted on a music show.

Despite the bulk of the individualsnow not being singers, the group pulls off their choreography and making a songresideincredibly well. They glaringly have amusing and experience their performance, too.

Watch their debut functionality of Close Up below!

You too can catch up on the maximum recent episode of Sisters Slam Dunk below!

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