Watch: Jota Sings Kim Jin Kyung A Candy Serenade On We Were given Married

Watch: Jota Sings Kim Jin Kyung A Candy Serenade On We Were given Married

Watch: Jota Sings Kim Jin Kyung A Candy Serenade On “We Were given Married”ilmare42 July 2, 2016 0 Watch: Jota Sings Kim Jin Kyung A Sweet Serenade On “We Got Married” On July 2’s episode of “We Got Married,” virtual couple Jota of MADTOWN and fashion Kim Jin Kyung have a romantic moment whilst on a date together.

They prevent at a bar in their group subsequently settling into their newlywed home, and featurea lager together. Kim Jin Kyung asks him what his truthful kickoffaffectwas once of her, and Jota says, “I like you more now than I did then. Back then I just saw version Kim Jin Kyung, yet forthwith 1 see my wife. You appear more adorable and more beautiful now. I believe we’re so much closer now.”

Kim Jin Kyung says, “I feel like you at all times tell me that I’m doing a just right job, regardless of what I’m doing, like it’s a habit. In the beginning I wondered why you were doing that afterI used to be doing things I changed into bad at, and I assumedperhaps IT was just empty talk. But because youdo this in each and every situation, now I have more self assurance in myself.”

“I think that if you’re next to me, I can bein a position to do anything!” she says with a laugh.

Jota smiles widely at her confession, and then reaches his hand up over head and says, “Shade!” Kim Jin Kyung and Jota either can’t stand the cheesiness of it, and Jota runs away. They laugh as Kim Jin Kyung says, “Come take a seat back here, I’ll faux you lot didn’t say that!”

Jota then says he needs to sing her a song, which thrills Kim Jin Kyung. “It’s my first time making a song to someone,” and Kim Jin Kyung says it’s her first time to pay attention like this too. “I’m more fearful than I'm on stage!” he says, and then takes her hand prior to singing a section of Sung Si Kyung’s “The Street To Me.”

Watch the romantic scene in this weeks episode of We Got Married below!

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