Korean film of the week 'The Fatal Encounter'

Korean film of the week 'The Fatal Encounter'

Korean film of the week "The Fatal Encounter" (2014)

Directed byLee Jae-gyoo

WithHyeon Bin,Jeong Jae-yeong,Jo Jeong-seok,Jo Jae-hyeon,Han Ji-min,Kim Seong-ryeong,...

Formerly referred to as "The King's Wrath"

"The Fatal Encounter" is
focusing at thetale of politically embattled King Jeongjo (nicknamed the King of Misfortune), his committed servant Sang-chaek, and nefarious courtiers and assassins.

As the year 1777 opens, King Jeongjo enters the 2nd one year of his reign, which is continuallybeneathdanger from the opposing Noron and Soron factions. To effectivelyprotect his royal power, Jeongjo draws upon his retail outlets of courage and is predicated heavily on his unswerving servant Sang-chaek. In a surprising twist, Sang-chaek turns out to be an murderer who used to be sent into providerso as to kill Jeongjo. After witnessing King Jeongjo's ability to justly rule the people, however, Sang-chaek comes blank about his true identity, and is banished from the court. As he leaves the palace, however, his eye catches sight of Sal-soo, the deadliest assassin in Joseon. Sang-chaek frantically returns to the court, most effectiveto discover Sal-soo locked in battle amongst Jeongjo.

"The Fatal Encounter" (Yeokrin)

South Korea's Greatest StarHyeon BinMakes His Grand Comeback

Hyeon Bin("Secret Garden", "My Call is Kim Sam-soon") takes on his first acting role since polishing off his vitalarmy service. He plays King Jeongjo, whose reign become fraught with political conflicts and threats upon his life. The actor readywidely for his first historic part and has drawn accolades for his dedication. Going into production practicallyRight away upon being discharged from the army, he studied the arts of sword fighting, archery, and horseback riding for the role.Jeong Jae-yeong("Welcome to Dongmakgol"),Jo Jeong-seok("The Face Reader"), andHan Ji-min("The Rooftop Prince"), a set of South Korea's maximumvaluablepersonality actors, star alongsideHyeon Bin.

"The Fatal Encounter" : Encouragedby means of Historical Events
"The Fatal Encounter" is in keeping with the real-life assassination strive on King Jeongjo (1752-1800) on the evening of July 28th, 1777. On that fateful night, Jeongjo was not able to sleep and attempted to soothe his brain by reading past due into the night. When he unexpectedly heard a legitimate in the ceiling, he briefly called his servants to investigate. To their shock, they captured an assassin hiding in the eaves. That night's assassination tryhave becomeone of the crucial most notorious in the 500-year history of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897).

The King of Misfortune - King Jeongjo (Hyeon Bin)

Jeongjo was the 22nd ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. As a tender man, he was forced to witness the slow death of his father Crown Prince Sado, who was nicelyaccomplished by being placed in a wooden
box by a royal decree from his grandfather King Yeongjo. After Jeongjo ascended the throne in
1776, he was stuck in the fierce factional strife between the Noron and Soron energy bases right through his reign and incessantlytopic to threats to his existence and palace intrigue. Regardless ofthose circumstances, Jeongjo remained in drivefor just about 24 years and is noted for having performedmeaningful and cutting edge reforms.

The King's Shadow - Sang-chaek (Jeong Jae-yeong)

King Jeongjo's trusty servant, Sang-chaek was hired at a young age to control the king's non-public library. Since then, Sang-chaek has steadfastly been by Jeongjo's facetvia many life-threatening situations. Even if Sang-chaek was at the beginning sent into palace service in order to get close sufficient to kill Jeongjo, after witnessing Jeongjo's true heart, he adjustments his allegiance and comes to a decisionto give coverage to Jeongjo at all costs.

Deadliest Assassin in Joseon Dynasty - Sal-soo (Jo Jeong-seok)

Raised as a cold-blooded killer at a secret assassin society, Sal-soo is Joseon's deadliest assassin. He gets rid of his objectivescomfortably and leaves no hint behind. Regardless thatin the beginning he hesitates to take on project of assassinating King Jeongjo, Sal-soo moves a take care of his master that might prepare him loose from the name of the game assassin society.

Venomous Conspirator - Dowager Queen Jeongsun (Han Ji-min)

Dowager Queen Jeongsun is King Yeongjo's moment wife from the Noron faction and played a big use in influencing the execution of Crown Prince Sado, King Jeongjo's father. She is one of the main co-conspirators in the assassination attempts opposed to Jeongjo.

Release date in Korea : 2014/04/30