KCON Big apple Concert Day 1: Surprises and Anticipation

KCON Big apple Concert Day 1: Surprises and Anticipation

160702_Seoulbeats_KconNY_AileeKCON Big apple Concert Day 1: Surprises and AnticipationWritten via Lauren M On July 2, 201620160702_seoulbeats_kconusanyLets be honest. Even though KCON Long island 2016 Presented by Toyota is ostensibly a festival to celebrate all things Hallyu, we know why most of the people flocked to the Prudential Middle in Newark, New Jersey for the 2nd one year in a row.

KCON NY was once all about the music.

Although the people at KCON wear a decent-sized conference this year featuring the complete thing from Korean good looks products to shuttle information, one specific thing loomed above all else – K-pop.

As the crowds took in probably the most panels and workshops, tune from everybodys faves changed intoat all times booming from the Toyota club tent and the concert later that evening was never some distance from anyones mind. Enthusiasts walked around all day in their Seventeen shirts and Ailee hats. Popular ladystaff Mamamoo made a wonder appearance at the convention degree to much excitement, even regardless that they wouldnt be actingtillthe following night. P1 and P2 status sections had long queues earlier than the day was even half-over. The bright sun and the warmthunquestionably didnt deter any person from ensuring they were given a excellent spot in the pit.

Finally, seven oclock rolled around and the venue started letting in ticket-holders. This being my first KCON, I wasnt totallycertain what to expect. The sole acts I used to bein point of factconversant in were Crush, he of the attractive slow jams, and Seventeen, the lovely and bubbly learners whove been making numerous waves. Also on the line-up were soloist Ailee, who was MCing, flexible boy neighborhood BtoB, and veteran rap act Dynamic Duo.

160702_Seoulbeats_KconNY_Seventeen_Red CarpetAfter a spunky functionality by a nativebasiccollege dance group, the lighting went down in the Prudential Center and the approximately 10,000 fans looking forward to the display went crazy. All of the anticipation of the day had ended in that moment and the buzz was thick in the air. The primary surprise of the night was that BTS leader Rap Monster was on hand to co-MC with Ailee (full disclosure: RM is my remaining K-pop bias, so you know I was in heaven). When his call was announced and he strolled out on stage, the screams were very loud, to position IT mildly. Accept as true with me, the fervor that KCON had for BTS was felt all overeither days, even although the headliners werent set to accomplishunlessthe subsequent night.

Ailee and RM were charismatic and at ease together, after having MCed before at KCON Abu Dhabi previous this year. They spoke in blended English and Korean and subtitles showed up on the massivedisplays that flanked the stage. The addition of the subtitles was helpful, yetcertainly drew attention to the cheesy, canned lines that were written for them to say.

Luckily, there wasnt much time to live on that as it was time for opening act Seventeen. In keeping with the T-shirts and homemade symptomsIdentitynoticed earlier that day, it looked likethe bulk of the crowd was there for them. The cheers let me know that my assumption was correct. They opened with “Shining Diamond” and then introduced into their latestidentify track “Pretty U”, whole alongside an on-stage sofa prop. In deficient health admit, “Pretty U” isn't my favourite song of theirs, but a minimum of the choreography is enticing and active. The youngsters in Seventeen have a ton of power and they manifestly dear to perform, especially in front of a crowd as vigorous equallythe only in the Prudential Center that night.

For a rookie organization thats slightly a year old, they were indeed impressive. Some of the contributors knew fluent English and the ones that didnt didnt let it forestall them all through their communicate after “Pretty U”. Next, they worked the complete phase during the upbeat song “Chuck” and in spite ofthe truth that theyre one of thesehuge group (and they were lacking a member!), theyre a cohesive unit that appear to mesh smartly together. Their dance formations were a little sloppy from my vantage point, but thats the one critique I had.

The greatest cheers went to rapper and previous Show Me the Money contestant Vernon, followed by leader/rapper S. Coups and pint-sized singer/songwriter Woozi. I realize why S. Coups is the leader his stage presence was the best. Others that stood out were Seungkwan and Hoshi. It was evident to me that thoseyoungsters love the camera and the spotlight. Also, I never spotted this before, but “Mansae” and “Adore U” both have simple and unique arm movements in the choreography that actuallyrelief in target audience participation. When Seventeen asked the audience to dance along, we did.

After a four-song set that felt entirely too short, Seventeen left the stage and it was time for RB crooner Crush. After a pre-recorded ment, Overwhelmseemed on stage in completeantique Tommy Hilfiger regalia and right awayreleased into “Sometimes”. He was pitchy at first, anything I characteristic to nerves, but he won his footing after a conveniente-book a rough talk. Crush didnt hassle with so much of chatter – perhaps because his English isnt fantastic – but there has been something very fascinating more or less him as he shyly and haltingly stated his ready lines. The audience perceived to warm up to him nearly immediately.

His next song was “Oasis” and everybody was making a song and dancing along. One welcome distraction was a concertgoer close to the stage with a big, light-up Crush sign. Im yes beat out saw it because all people saw it. Kudos to that fan for bringing Asignage and most probably getting saw by senpai. Then Crush wowed the crowd or perhaps precisely me? by rapping along to Zicos section in the Block B rappers absence. His (regrettably) last song was “Hug Me” which is arguably his maximumwell known hit.

Ailee began her set by grooving to her newest unmarried “Mind Your Own Business”. A technical issuebrought about the backing track to chop out abruptly, which was the moment large surprise of the night. However, Ailee, having a lookmost commonly unruffled and amused, didnt cease the performance. She endured singing the refrain acapella, which made the crowd move nuts. She proved that her voice is the genuine deal and she extensively utilized the technical glitch as a chance to get the crowd involved, encouraging us to sing in conjunction with her. When the technical factor was resolved, she told us to all faux that it hadnt happened, but the audience was having none of it. They cheered even louder as she began “Mind Your Own Business” all over again and the heightened enthusiasm spilled over into the remainder of her set.

I didnt know any of her songs before KCON, but Ailee definitely won me over. I have a feeling she won over lots ofother people at the show as well, especially when the local New Jerseyite broke down and confided that her circle of relatives was in the audience and how appreciative she was of all the affection we were giving her. When she first began out, she explained, she never expected so that you could play in big concerts like KCON. The crowd was dining out of her hand at this point, with smart reason. Her modesty and emotion felt so authentic and she stumbled on as incredibly likable.

It helped that her songs were catchy and got stuck in my head almost immediately. My favorite from her set was potentially the finishing song, “U I”. Its a brassy jam with soaring vocals and Ailee sang and danced and smiled from ear to ear like she was having the time of her life. It was a excellent way to wrap up her performance. She definitely was the superstar and sweetheart of KCON Day 1.

Next, Rap Mon returned to the stage to introduce Born To Beat, higherreferred to as BtoB. Ill admit, I was cringing then for the explanation that English lines they gave RM to say were really terrible. I cant even take into account what it was but it was an overly convoluted way to typically order that BtoB was a collectionof serious singers. As a virtual butterfly fluttered around the jumbo screens, BtoB began their set with the ballad “Remember That”. Ill admit, I was a little shocked by the quantity of screams BtoB bought because I hadnt visible many signs or shirts in improve of them during the convention. It was evident from the beginning, though, that rapper/vocalist Il-hoon was a fan favorite, as was vocalist and diversity star Sung-jae. It was also pretty evident that they were, in fact, super singers. Eukwang was belting the onestop notes and his voice filled the arena.

During their talk, their infamously quirky personalities also shined through. Peniel was the designated English speaker and, although soft-spoken, he represented his group well. Sung-jae had a memorable moment as he spoke in damaged English and made the crowd laugh with his monotone delivery. My attention was drawn most to Min-hyuk, one of the rappers, and Chang-sub, a vocalist. Both had great presence and looked the most snug on stage.

However, up to I favored their vocals, as an individual whos never been in a position to get into BtoB, I ultimatelylearned why. Though theyre a charming bunch of guys, their music and group symbol was confusing for me. Motown-esque choreography and powder-pink fits contributed to a soulful, throwback vibe, but the crowd also had 3 decent rappers. When they did their fast-paced song “Beep Beep”, it was almost jarring bearing in mind what had come before. But for all of the confusion I felt, the audience at KCON obviouslyenjoyed them.

The 3rd and fourth surprises of the night got here adjacent in fast succession. First, actors Yim Si Wan and Park Bo Young came out for an admittedly stiff and awkward introduction. I wondered what they were doing there and what cause it served, but it was far and wide pretty temporarily and painlessly. Then Seventeen returned to the stage for a medley of K-pop classics. They did a filled with life take on Super Juniors “Sorry Sorry” that got the biggest reception from the crowd, especially when they ran down the stage to get closer to the crowd. The screams were insane.

Afterwards, Ailee and Rap Mon seemedback to announce the closing act of the show. In my favorite MC moment of the night, Ailee asked RM about New York rappers and he rattled off a list, adding his all-time favorite Nas. Then, Ailee imitated his low voice and it got an even laugh from the crowd. Like I said earlier, she was truly a delight. Although it was apparent that lots of the crowd wasnt there for Dynamic Duo, there was still much of love as Gaeko and Choiza appeared on the stage. They didnt have get giddy reception that Seventeen received, but their presence demanded admire and they got it from the audience.

The duo started out their four-song set with “Baam”, a crowd-pleaser thats effortless to sing along to, even if youve never heard it before. The 2 veteran rappers moved round the stage hopefully and were joined by a DJ on the very finish of the walkout stage, which gave their set more of an intimate, club feel despite the truth that they were in a monumental venue. A funny moment came when they attempted to get the audience to do a decision and response, but the reaction ended up getting lost in translation and the audience just yelled back at them. Sooner or later they laughed and gave up. Then Crush returned to lend a handend out their set with the electro-club banger “Friday”. It was an ideal manner to end the show. Everyone was on their feet and jumping to the beat. Their performance reminded me that I have not begun to delve deep into their discography and I want to rectify that.

As someone who had no concept what to be expecting from KCON NY, I was left feeling very blissful that Id gotten an opportunity to enjoy it. Although I didnt know a lot of the artists in-depth to start, it didnt matter. Each single act was there to entertain the hyped audience and they all made the most in their curt sets. That, however, brings me to my biggest complaint – the show felt very short. It started late, around 7:45 p.m., and ran for a little not up to two hours. Crush got three songs, whilstsome other act got four, plus Seventeens special stage. I felt like some of the acts couldve gotten yet one more song, at the very least. If not, some other exceptional stage wouldve been ideal. Night 1 felt very rushed to me.

Going into the show, I was also interested to lookwhat type of reception the Day 1 line-up would get. There wasnt a truly big-name headliner and I doubt I was the best wondering if there would be amplepastime to warrant two nights of concerts. To be fair, Day 1 didnt have the turn-out of Day 2. There were masses of empty seats in the arena and the pits were most effectivepart full. For the fans that were there, though, it surely wasnt a query once the show got going. These acts brought their A game to the Prudential Center and i've a feeling that everyone in the audience left feeling (mostly) satisfied. I, for one, was left short of more.

By that measuring stick, Day 1 of KCON NY 2016 was a certain success.

Youtube, pictures courtesy of CJ EM and Seoulbeats