Watch: Eric Nam Touches Sun With His Considerate Gifts On We Were given Married

Watch: Eric Nam Touches Sun With His Considerate Gifts On We Were given Married

Watch: Eric Nam Touches Sun alongside His Considerate Gifts On “We Were given Married”ilmare42 July 2, 2016 0 Watch: Eric Nam Touches Solar With His Thoughtful Gifts On “We Got Married” Eric Nam reveals just how thoughtful he's on July 2’s episode of “We Got Married”!

In this week’s episode, Eric Nam is travelling on Jeju Island with his virtual wife Solar of MAMAMOO. As he drives them in their condominium car, he asks Solar to open up his backpack. “I went to Costa Rica,” he says. “And I brought you anything small.” Eric Nam lately traveled to Costa Rica with Sam Kim and Song Yu Vin for the hotformdisplay “The Friends.”

Solar pulls out a bag of pineapple chocolates that Eric Nam purchased her on his trip, and then Eric Nam passes her a crumpled-up brown paper bag. “It’s actuallynow not much!” he says. “It just made me bring to mind you.”

Solar pulls two painted wood alphabet blocks out of the wrapping, that areeither in the form of a Y. Since Solar’s genuinecall is Kim Yong Sun and Eric Nam’s real name is Nam Yoon Do, he sold them both matching Y decorations. The 2 laugh at how briefly Solar guesses the meaning, and Solar says, “Let’s put them up at home! Thank you!”

Solar stocks in her personal interview, “I never even imagined it. It was once so great. It felt like he had been taken with me.”

“I’ve been going out of the countryso much lately, and I’m at all times thinking to myself, ‘What would Solar want?’” explains Eric Nam. “I in maximum cases hate souvenirs, yet now that there’s any individual for me to shop for them for, I’ve replaced my brain about them.

Watch the lovable scene in the most recent episode of We Got Married below!

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