"Uncontrollably Fond" Lim Joo-eun behind-the-scenes

King Kong Entertainment released behind-the-scenes poster of the actress Lim Joo-eun from "Uncontrollably Fond".

She plays Yoon Jeong-eun, the feminine leader of the topbirthday celebration who has a father running for president. She graduated from an elite Ecu cooking faculty and is the non executive director of KJ Staff and the head chef.

Lim Joo-eun behind-the-scenes has a cosmo glanceand looks like a goddess. She looks fancy yet has worry in her eyes which also supplies of the trace that she has a secret.

Meanwhile, "Uncontrollably Fond" is a romantic tale of bestbig name Sin Joon-yeong (Kim Woo-bin) and documentary director No Eul (Suzy) who reunite after a painful breakup in the past.