BIGBANG To position On A For my part Curated Exhibition For 10-Year Anniversary

BIGBANG To position On A For my part Curated Exhibition For 10-Year Anniversary

BIGBANG To place On A In my opinion Curated Exhibition For 10-Year Anniversaryehk38 June 30, 2016 0 BIGBANG To Wear A Personally Curated Exhibition For 10-Year Anniversary BIGBANG has even more in shop for fanatics equallya phase of their 10-year anniversary celebrations.

On July 1, YG Entertainment announced that the crowdcan bemaintaining an exhibition entitled BIGBANG10 THE EXHIBITION: A TO Z beginning August fivetill October 30 of this year.

According to the promo poster, the exhibition will be held at S-Factory in Sungsu-dong, Seongdong-gu in Seoul.

Just as the call suggests, the concept that of the exhibition is in keeping with the BIGBANGs past, present, and future. The use of words starting with the letters A to Z that were decided onvia the staffindividuals themselves, the exhibition will interpret five other vantage issues from which BIGBANG can beviewed.

Also on display screen volition be content this is emblematic of the group, adding BIGBANG albums, photos, outfits, videos, interviews, tune video sets, and concerts, that experience been specially ready for the exhibition.

BIGBANG doesnt need this to just be any other passive gallery revel inyethad been proactive in the making plansprocedureso as to create a area where they are in a position toin point of factinteract amongst fans. Exhibition attendees will give you the chance immerse themselves into virtual truth experiences, concentrate to playlists that the members have curated, and watch chose videos.

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