YG Entertainment Finds Plans To Debut 2nd “Sister” K-Pop Girl-Group Along Black Pink

YG Entertainment Finds Plans To Debut 2nd “Sister” K-Pop Girl-Group Along Black Pink

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterYG Entertainment is stirring up discussion after a press releasein theirlong term plans relating to neverthelessevery otherwomanteam debuting after Black Pink, their latestcommunity to debut this summer.

A senior respectable from the firmpublished on June 29th that also they are aiming to debut some other girl organization side-by-side to their new 4-member group Black Purple (Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé). Black Pink was oncein the beginning set to be a 9-member group. However, since first of all revealing the plan and one of the crucialindividuals two years ago, the plans have replaced significantly. The theorybecome to debut the remainder five trainees as their own group, growing a sister-like feeling, very identical to that of WINNER and iKON.

Unfortunately, the initial reports of yet one more girl group debuting was no longerwonsmartlyvia fans. They believed this would create pointlessfestival between the enthusiasts of either groups, the use of YGs two fresh boy teams every bit an example.

With the overly negative reaction to the news, YG Entertainment has retracted their fashionedremarkthe subsequent day, saying, Like maximumhuge agencies, we've got more than 50 trainees who were spilling their sweat for years, It has yet to be determined whether the last trainees who were now notincorporated in Black Pink will debut in combination or with other trainees. 

Meanwhile, Black Pink is reported to be making ready3othertune videos for their debut with Teddy backing them up as their manufacturer for their debut. In addition, they have got recruited popular foreign choreographers. They are slated for a debut close to the finish of July.

Source: OSEN and TelevisionDocument

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