Minah And Namgoong Min Cross On Their First Reputable Date On “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim”

Minah And Namgoong Min Cross On Their First Reputable Date On “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim”

Minah And Namgoong Min Pass On Their First Reputable Date On Expensive Fair Girl Kong ShimJiwonYu June 30, 2016 0 Minah And Namgoong Min Go On Their First Official Date On Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim love Fair Lady Kong Shim has released new preview stills of women Days Minah and Namgoong Min on a rail-bike date!

For the approaching episode of the drama, Dante (Namgoong Min) and Kong Shim (Minah) can be going on a date together.

The two were bickering so much with every other in outdated episodes, yet Kong Shim and Dante in the endascertain their love for one anotherand may go on their first official date to begin off their relationship.

These preview footage were taken in late-June at a rail-bike park. Namgoong Min and Minah are dressed in matching blue and white striped shirts, which worksneatly with your entire refreshing atmosphere.

According to the staff, the two appeared likeprecise couples as the director called action, and resumed being silly with every one other once he shouted cut. When the cameras began rolling again, however, Minah and Namgoong Min went appropriate back into relationship-mode and showed off their professionalism.

An associate of the drama stated, Dante and Kong Shim have been thru hardships but have at last started their first official date. Please staylooking atto peer if this date will lead them into a street of happiness or anything unknown.

This scene will be seenĀ on the following episode of Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim, airing on July 2 at 9:55 p.m. KST.

Catch up to the newest episode on Viki:

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