7 Woman  Teams That Would possibly Never Have Some other Comeback (But We are hoping Do)

7 Woman Teams That Would possibly Never Have Some other Comeback (But We are hoping Do)

7 WomanTeams That Would possibly Never Have Any other Comeback (But We are hoping Do)kafox June 30, 2016 0 7 Girl Groups That Could Never Have Yet another Comeback (But We Hope Do) The face of K-pop is convertingabruptly every bit fourth dimensionis going on. With probably the most oldest groups of this generation wasting members, some fanaticsmay justwonder whether their favouriteteam volition ever grasp a comeback at all. Optimistically they do, but let’s have a look at some groups that can be nearing their unlucky end.

The prospect of a 2NE1 comeback is getting increasingly dismal. After Park Bom’s drug scandal in the summer of 2014, the gang hasn’t released a unmarried album, in partbecause of the publics belief of Park Bom and YG’s abnormally long time frames between comebacks. Minzy leaving the neighborhoodprevious this year will have been the overall nail in the coffin, especially since YG is making plans to debut an alternative girl organization this summer. Plus, 2NE1’s contracts expire someday in 2016. YG at one point mentioned 2NE1 making a return this summer, but we know YG says numerous things.

With TS Entertainment that specialize in pushing solo Hyosung releases and the opposite group individuals having separate interests, a long run Secret comeback turns out unlikely. The group’s closing comeback used to bejust about two years ago and there were talks of discord in the group as recent as twelve months ago.

On best of losing two members earlier this year, Rainbow’s maximumcontemporary few comebacks have no longer been well-received through listeners, injecting doubt into possibilitiesin their comeback. They justconducted their newest release, “Whoo,” in music presentations for about a month prior tofinishing promotions.

After Jia left pass over A in May earlier this year, the group changed into left with 3 members. In line withoutdated reports by JYP, the remainder of the contracts for miss A members expire in March 2017. Even supposing Suzy is targeting acting and Fei on an upcoming solo release, there’s still time for the trio to get in combinationand feature a comeback.

4MinuteStar Daily News Star Daily News

This is beautiful much a done deal already, but with 4Minute’s recent disbandment, the group is terriblynot likely to have a comeback. However, we may additionally however get HyunA solo releases in the future.

Although After College was on excursion in Japan in 2015, the group hasn’t released an album in two years, which calls into doubt whether or now not the group will have another comeback. Pledis Entertainment appears to be more serious aboutselling their soon-to-debut girl group, Pledis Girlz.

With six members remaining after two left earlier this year, 9Muses clients for a destiny comeback glance dim. They haven’t had much advertisementluck recently, but some reports state that the group is making ready for a comeback soon. The group debuted in 2010 and has had quite so much of members leave over the years.

Hopefully all of the groups indexed above will keepno less thanyet one more comeback sometime in the future.

Which group do you hope has a comeback first?kafox is a K-pop addict and avid viewer and subtitler of Korean dramas on Viki.

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