VAV Impresses With No Doubt Teaser!

VAV Impresses With No Doubt Teaser!

VAVhas returned with the 2nd onea phase of their 'Brotherhood' mini-album 'No Doubt' and featurelately released the track video teaser for 'No Doubt'. However, with this comeback,VAVwill go back as a 6 member staffin position of a 7 member group. The reason why being due toXiaoleaving the gangbecause ofuser reasons at home.

This video teaser were made to be had in ultraHD 4K resolution. This permitsfanatics to have the maximum efficient quality of the video and plus allows fan to look the personindividuals in detail from the close up. It roughly feels that this time around,VAVhave determinedto come alongsidea dismaland inviting concept.

AdvertisementThis can also beobserved where one of the most members are watching intensely in opposition to the camera, whilst some are staring out into the distance. With the sensation of mystery, the instrumental track gambling in the background, intensifies the mysterious aura. The track itself is extremely soothing to the ears and intenselywealthy in sound, thus getting fans hyped for the comeback. Also fans are in fact very pleased with seeing their boys growth and improve.

'No Doubt' mini-album and music video may be released at the 1st of July, butVAVwill be liberating anotherMVteaser on the 30th of June. So mark your calendars!

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