Lee Byung-hun and Lee Bo-yeong to come with SBS drama

Lee Byung-hun and Lee Bo-yeong to come with SBS drama "Advance"

Actor and actress Lee Byung-hun and Lee Bo-yeong are starring in the recent SBS drama "Advance". They have not signed contracts yet yetthey'vean excellentquantityof religion in the author Park Kyeong-soo so it is very most probablythey're going tocross alongside it.

Lee Byung-hun's comeback is in realityrelatively meaningful as the remaining drama he starred in used to be the 2009 KBS 2TV drama "IRIS" which holds a list of over 40% in viewing percentage. Then he starred simplest in videoswhich have been a undying hit. In 2014, he become blackmailed throughmultiplegirls in their 20s but he received his recognition back with the film "The Insiders" and diluted all negative perspectives approximately him. Now he is back with a drama for the primary time in 8 years.

Lee Byung-hun's attention was drawn when Park Kyeong-soo was penned the publisher for "Advance", who has written just a fewa success macho dramas. "Advance" is a police talethat will also lend a hand to renovate Lee Byung-hun's image.

Lee Bo-yeong's comeback may bea large deal. When Lee Byung-hun took house the KBS Absolute best Actor Award for "IRIS", Lee Bo-yeong took dwelling house the SBS Best Actress Award for "I Pay attention Your Voice". They either accepta decent eye for opting for their paintingsand featurejust aboutat all times been successful, so "Advance" is expected to be a fantastic drama.

Whether or no longerthey're going to exist in the drama is in the hands of writer Park. He is going to bring the scripts to the solidin the route of the month but it is notable yet. Convincing the cast is an important every bitit is a pre-produced drama too.