Watch: BEAST Tries To Turn out Their Strength Whilst  Wearing Yoseob Like A Princess

Watch: BEAST Tries To Turn out Their Strength Whilst Wearing Yoseob Like A Princess

Watch: BEAST Tries To End up Their Strength WhilstSporting Yoseob Like A Princesskminjungee June 29, 2016 0 Watch: BEAST Tries To Prove Their Strength While Carrying Yoseob Like A Princess Having gave the impressionat thedisplaya massive number of times already, BEAST is downright hilarious when they shouldentire an originalventureall throughevery other guest appearance on the June 29 episode of Weekly Idol.

After some othertry at Random Play Dance, the five individualstake part in a new corner of the show, where they are going tofinally end upin my viewpurchasingevery other gifts in line with the end result of the games. Each member takes turn being the cardholder, and the remainder of the members would have to win the corresponding game to win a prize from the cardholding member.

When its Yoseobs turn to be the member who needs topurchase a gift, the alternative members are tasked with taking turns carrying him like a princess. The catch is that whoever manages to take a seat down and stand back up the maximummight be the winner, and hence volitionget preserve ofa presentin theirselection from Yoseob.

As expected, chaos ensues as they move one by way of one, beginning off with the youngest Dongwoon, who jokes and says he maystay on going till they end filming. The game continues with Junhyung and Doojoon looking their best, yetno longer without consequence to Yoseob, whos also having subject being carried.

Kikwang is the closing one, and swears he can comprehensive the challenge with just one arm, since Yoseob will be clinging directly to him regardless. True to his word, he succeeds, but now not without his fellow member feeling many of the pain.

Watch their painstaking yet hilarious efforts below!

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