These 12 K-Pop Idols Are Noted For Their “Perfect” Bodies And Model-Like Proportions

These 12 K-Pop Idols Are Noted For Their “Perfect” Bodies And Model-Like Proportions

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterTheres for surethat practically all of K-Pop idols are visually enjoyable amongstpossibly to agree that this will also be a requirement to have excellent looks as smartly as a ability in the profession.

However, there are some idols who now notbest takemost sensible visuals yet their frame shape has been praised for their model-like proportions, tall and lanky with sturdysquaddies for men and are compatible with long legs for women. Beneath is a listing of stated idols in no specific order that satisfy the type proportion description, adding TVXQ, VIXX, 9MUSES, and individuals from SHINee, After School and more.

Looking at the list below, do you suspect there are to any extent further idols netizens ignoredthat still fit the description of idol with model-like proportions?

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TVXQ Changmin and Yunho Image: TVXQ Changmin 61, Yunho 60

BTS Rap Monster Image: BTS Rap Monster 511

WINNER Lee Seunghoon Image: WINNERs Lee Seunghoon 511

9MUSES Image: 9MUSES Average height of 171.9cm or 57

After Faculty Nana Image: After College Nana 171cm or 57

Girls' Generation Sooyoung Image: Girls Generation Sooyoung 170cm or 57

Hello Venus Nara Image: Hi Venus Nara 172cm or 56

G-Friend Sowon Image: G-Friend Sowon 172cm or 56

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