Suzy vs IU, two best possible  buddies  absorb  issue to pre-filming production

Suzy vs IU, two best possible buddies absorb issue to pre-filming production

Suzy and IU, the 2easiestpals are returning to the small screen via two other dramas produced at the pre-filming system.

As the dramas are produced throughout the 100% pre-filming device and could be broadcast in Korea and China at the similar time, the anticipation has been raised even higher. Whilst the two stars, who experienced acting for the primary time for their roles in "Dream High", 2011, will they be ready to earn a glad scorecard viathe approaching dramas?.

Suzy is returning to the small screen for her role as No-eul, a documentary manufacturer in KBS 2TV's new Wednesday Thursday drama, "Uncontrollably Fond" beginning on July 6th. Here's her drama comeback in 3 years since her appearance in 'Gu Circle of relatives Book', 2013.

"Uncontrollably Fond" will depict the ardent and rough love tale about a guy and a girl who had to be separated all over the early lifebecause of the ill-fated dating and meet back in adulthood as a famous person (Kim Woo-bin) and a documentary producer (Suzy). While the drama is garnering attention in Korea in addition in China, there is anticipation coming up that it shouldturn out to bethe following 'Descendants of the Sun'.

IU will meet the drama lovers through SBS' forthcoming Monday Tuesday drama, "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo" on August 29th. She can play a sturdyself reliant woman, Hae-soo, whose spirit was once straightly dropped into the Goryeo technology from the 21st century. She will fan the flames of the hearts of the princes in Goryeo. The production team said, "The personality and IU pass very well".

While IU has been presenting her aspect every bit an actress through her quite so much of appearances so far, actress IU is familiar to many drama fans for her role in "Producers" maximum recently. Since "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo" is a remake of the Chinese drama with an analogousname and she will co-star with the hallyu star Lee Joon-ki, it's miles expected that the drama will get readya robust foothold for her to amplify her activities into the Chinese entertainment industry

Suzy and IU, either singer actresses who started their actress professioneven though the same drama are drawing attention as to what result they are going topop out alongside in this friendly competition.