Spoiler 'Lucky Romance' Hwang Jeong-eum just cannot  settle for Ryu Jun-yeol, why is it so difficult

Spoiler 'Lucky Romance' Hwang Jeong-eum just cannot settle for Ryu Jun-yeol, why is it so difficult

On the episode 11 of MBC's "Lucky Romance", Je Soo-ho (Ryu Jun-yeol) kissed Bonnie Sim (Hwang Jeong-eum) and confessed his love to her.

Although Bonnie Sim and Je Soo-ho kissed, Bonnie Sim said, "Let's prevent here. This isn't right". Je Soo-ho attemptedto cajole her, yet Bonnie Sim still did now notalternate her mind. Bonnie Sim asked him, "Please disregard or so today" rejecting Je Soo-ho.

However, once they kissed, Bonnie's sister, Bora (Kim Ji-min) opened her eyes and Bonnie Sim held Je Soo-ho's hands again. Je Soo-ho stayed next to Bonnie Sim.

Je Soo-ho told Bonnie Sim, "After our kiss, Bora opened her eyes. Isn't it a excellent sign" looking to pursuadeBonnie Sim. But, Bonnie Sim still may notsettle for him.

Je Soo-ho wouldn't give up. He told Bonnie Sim, who still may not decide, "You still could notin finding the answer? It is easy". He also brought sushi Bonnie Sim when she was oncerunning overnight.

Je Soo-ho told her, "The unhappy things, painful things, I'm going toswitch all of the ones into smart memories. Dramatically till the end. Please take into accout those smiling now".

After Je Soo-ho went home, he kept telling her "I Omit You" and expressed his affectionate emotionsagainst her without any reserve. Bonnie Sim began being swayed via Je Soo-ho's efforts. Bonnie Sim prayed, "I would like toaccept as true with his heart. I need tograsp his hands. Please do anythingcertain about my heart".

Later, Je Soo-ho's mom Yang Hee-ae (Nah Yeong-hee) discovered out about her son's middletoward Bonnie Sim. The mum met Bonnie Sim and told her, "Date my son".

Yang Hee-ae arranged a circle of relatives meeting, borrowing Bonnie Sim's support. Je Soo-ho in the endpublished his accumulated sorrowful grudge opposed to his father. He also have become angry with Bonnie Sim and told her, "Just because anyone clings onto you for love, you ought to notdo that without discussion". As Bonnie Sim blames him, he said, "I'm the best realhassle here again? I used to be getting excited this morning because I assumed we were solving complications together. I am sorry I have been bothering you". And then he became around.