Watch: SK-II Encourages Girls To Dream Again In Touching Video

Watch: SK-II Encourages Girls To Dream Again In Touching Video

Watch: SK-II Encourages Girls To “Dream Again” In Touching VideoTeamSOOMPI June 29, 2016 0 Watch: SK-II Encourages Females To “Dream Again” In Touching Video What is your large dream?

5,500 women around the arena were asked this question. Surprisingly, many were not ableto answer to it.

With the assistance ofknowledgeable counselor, luxury skin carelogo SK-II interviewed some women to resolution this question. Of course, the counselor isnt reasonably who she seems to be

Watch the video – yet existready to have tissues on hand.

Hold on, we desire a moment to compose ourselves. *reaches for tissues*

This isn'tthe primary fourth dimension that SK-II chose to prioritize innergood looks over external cosmetic for a marketing campaign. Previous this year, they sent unmarried Chinese women into a native “marriage market,” no longerto discoverpossible husbands, but to turn their oldsters that they didn’t want them.

This time around, SK-II introduced an initiative, called the Global Dreams Index 2016, aimed at figuring out a womans willingness to pursue her dreams, and how it wouldimpression her quality of life. In a survey, they asked 4,500 women in 16 other countries whether they still followed their formative years dreams. 59% reported they had given up on their dreams, most oftenbecause of barriers akin to limited monetary support, worry of leaving ones convenience zone, and coffee self-esteem. At the whole, Asian women were much more likely than Western women to file that they stopped pursuing their dreams: 81% of Eastern women and 67% of Korean women indicated that had left their dreams behind.

The survey also indicated that ladies who continue to pursue their dreams are some distancelikely to be happy with life. Therefore, SK-II asks you to stay in mind your dreams and believe pursuing them again.

Can you answer this question?

Will you be one to #changedestiny?

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