MBC’s “PD Notebook” Apologizes To C-JeS For Falsely Mentioning That The Firm Did No longer Respond To Them

MBC’s “PD Notebook” Apologizes To C-JeS For Falsely Mentioning That The Firm Did No longer Respond To Them

MBCs PD Pocket book Apologizes To C-JeS For Falsely Declaring That The Firm Did Now not Respond To Themjun2yng June 29, 2016 0 MBCs PD Notebook Apologizes To C-JeS For Falsely Stating That The Agency Didn't Respond To Them The morning of June 29, following the June 28 broadcast of MBCs PD Notebook coveringĀ the Park Yoochun case, the display posted a realize on their homepage apologizing to C-JeS Entertainment.

The post says, It was onceprintedthru a June 29 article from Usher in POP that the observation made right through the June 28 broadcast of PD Notebook announcing that C-JeS Entertainment didnt make any statement changed into false. C-JeS said to media, When we were asked to give a statement to PD Notebook in regards to the series of incidents, we answeredby the use of e-mail.'

PD Notebook then states, After confirmation with our production team, we've gotshowed that C-JeS responded with theĀ e-mail underneath on June 24.

Here is the whole text of C-JeSs reaction to PD Notebook (revealed in the PD Notebook apology post):

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.

This is our response for your request for our cooperation referring to the PD Notebook broadcast scheduled for June 28.

From the first reports at the incidents to now, our stance has not changed. Many shops have asked interviews, yet nosotros are not able to consent to any.

Due to indiscriminate reports on unconfirmed scenarioswhich are still being investigated, Park Yoochuns symbol is being ruined. In this presentscenario alongside rumors flying about and with the essence of the placement being lost, we would like tostay our course, and we might bein a position to do the total thing we can to regain Park Yoochuns honor and reputation.

We hope you perceive why we have not anyselection but to respond to interview requests in line witha particular guide.

PD Notebook then apologizes: We sincerely express regret to audienceconcerning the phase which we failed to confirm. We might also like to specific our private regrets to C-JeS Entertainment. We will, via more thorough confirmation, bring you largerannounces in the future.

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