"The Hunt" Jo Jin-woong and why needs to be the nature in his work

Actor Jo Jin-woong shared his secret in acting.

In an interview held at a cafe in Seoul, Jo Jin-woong said, "I think the nature is fusing into me. When I analyze a persona 1take into consideration the portions of him which are like me and experiment".

"For example, I'd be riding somewhere and I would think, 'if it was once this character, he would glance at the street like this'. I worked challenging on Moo-hyool and Lee Jae-han from "Deep-rooted Tree" and "Signal"".

"The Hunt" is a film or soa collection of hunters who move up a mountain they should now not be up in and seeing things they should not see.

Jo Jin-woong takes at the role of the hunters' leader Dong-geun and his dual brother Myeong-geun. Myeong-geun guidelines Dong-geun off about some hidden gold and watches the situation. On the alternative hand, Dong-geun becomes increasinglyloopyto wash up the mess.

Jo Jin-woong when compared "The Hunt" to a child.

He said, "Movies like "The Assassination" and "The Handmaiden" has had numerouscommunicate way sooner than they were released. Nonetheless "The Hunt" became released on a small scale and is like a toddlerthat is still in the incubator. I am hoping the target audience enjoys this movie".

"The Hunt" starring Ahn Seong-gi, Han Ye-ri, Jo Jin-woong and Kwon Yool was released on the 29th.