IU and Chang Kiha,

IU and Chang Kiha, "We cross on dates when we can"

Singer Chang Kiha discussed IU, his girlfriend.

On the MBC FM4U "Tei's Dreaming Radio", Chang Kiha seemed as a guest and said that him and IU were still going strong.

Chang Kiha was once asked what his favourite IU song turned into and he said, "I like "Glasses". I actually like "Glasses" and "Knees" yet one chose "Glasses" in hopes that it'llchange into more popular".

He was then asked what wondermatch that he has done for her was her favorite. Also, he was asked how they spent time together. "I do notin reality have surprises for her but I display her my feelings. IU is in the direction of a drama and I visited her once on the set".

"We don't truly have time to move on dates but we meet up. We get along well".

Meanwhile, Chang Kiha and IU announced in October closing year that they were seeing every other. They met in a radio prove in 2013.