Police touch Park Yoo-chun's 5th victim

Police touch Park Yoo-chun's 5th victim

While Park Yoo-chun is being investigated for four accounts of rape, the police are seeking to get involved amongst the 5th victim.

Seoul Gangnam Police stated, "According to the media, we heard that there could be a 5th victim. We will ask for cooperation to the media in the day".

Previously, a media reported that there used to beany otherladybut even so the 4 who claimed to had been raped through Park Yoo-chun.

This woman stated in an interview, "The songbecame loud and every person was having a wonderful time when Park were given up and said he had anythingto inform me so I followed him to the bathroom".

"He then put his hand in my garments and I used to besurprised and so I refused him. He was under the affect of alcohol and he said, "I know you favor me" and more or less made it appearmoderate for himself".

The police searched the 4 puts where the rapes allegedly took place and got a listing of names of the ladies who were in the room with Park and his corporateat the said dates. The girls have been called in for testifying.

Meanwhile, Park has counter sued the primary accuser for false accusations and threat.