"Oh Hae-Young Again" ends on a touching note, Eric Moon and Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin say Thank You

tvN drama "Oh Hae-Young Again" thanked the viewers.

The solid of "Oh Hae-Young Again" opened a Loose HUG match at the CGV Chungdam. They promised to give out free hugs if the viewing percentage went over 5%.

Eric Moon (Park Do-kyeong), Seo Hyeon-jin (Oh Hae-yeong), Ye Ji-won (Park Soo-kyeong), Kim Ji-seok-I (Lee Jin-sang), Heo Young-ji (Yoon In-na) and Heo Jeong-min (Park Hoon) hugged the public. Jeon Hye-bin (Oh Hae-yeong) and Lee Jae-yoon-I (Han Tae-jin) were not there because they had other paintingsto wait to.

Eric Moon said, "I can notconsiderit is thefinish already. Thank you for coming to look us". Seo Hyeon-jin said, "I can't have faithit is over. Or not it's touching to see you all".

Ye Ji-won said, "I don't need information technology to end. I'm still lively seeing these sort of people. I suspectI will do it again". Kim Ji-seok-I said, "We will have to take done this previousyet we did not get time. Thank you for waiting and it makes me feel excellent to see you feeling good".

Heo Jeong-min and Heo Young-ji also acknowledgeda couple of words.

"Oh Hae-Young Again" was once first in line of tvN dramas with an reasonable of 9.9%. The checklistprotecting number is 10.6%.

The ultimate episode rated 9.991%.