'PD Notebook' reports that girl in Park Yoo-chun sexual attack case says,

'PD Notebook' reports that girl in Park Yoo-chun sexual attack case says, "I acknowledged no, he still assaulted"

A lady who sued Park Yoo-chun for sexual attack claimed, "I expressed I did now notwish to at the time, I used to be still sexually assaulted (by Park Yoo-chun)".

The episode on June 28 of MBC's investigative news show, 'PC Notebook' targetedat the case of Park Yoo-chun, who have been accused of 4 counts of sexual assault.

'PD Notebook' production team met a woman who sued Park Yoo-chun for sexual assault and any other woman, who claimed she nearly had been raped through him, yetfailed to sue him.

One of the ladies said, "Park Yoo-chun put his hand below my undies in a washroom. I was once embarrassed but it turned intodifficult to resist. Park Yoo-chun was inebriated at the time and he acted as though his behaviors were granted. Saying, 'You like me', it gave the impression that he was thinking it was good enough for him to act like that".

Another woman who sued Park Yoo-chun said, "Park Yoo-chun sang and grew to become on club music. It was incredibly loud. As it had not been long since I had got to work there, I did notknow the wayto movealong side it. Park Yoo-chun put his waist around me. Since he was a customer, I danced in addition to him".

She said, "Park Yoo-chun kept asking me how much cashI wanted and why I got here to paintings there. I beganoperating in the bar to arrange tuition charge and it had been two weeks since I had beganoperating there. I told him these. And he stated he could notpay attention me on account of the loud music. So he advised nosotrosmustvisit a washroom. I followed him without any suspicion. Park Yoo-chun kept asking me there, 'How much cash onewished made me pop out to work'. Because he kept saying money and money, I were givenfrustrated by it".

The woman said again, "Park Yoo-chun kissed me there (in the washroom. He grabbed my face and kissed me. But, Park Yoo-chun said, 'What is this, there isn't any emotion, no emotion'. But, I was on my period. When he lifted my skirt when kissing, I told him, 'don't'. When I said I was on my period, (Park Yoo-chun) said, 'Shouldn't we testwhen you and I fit well'. And when I was taking a look at mirror, he forcefully made me take a seat down. I was so flustered and told him I was unlikely to do it. But he made me rise up and turn around". With the explanation, she claimed she had been sexually assaulted.

"I cried at the time. Because I was too flustered, he told me, 'It's k because we will date. You are going to give me your number right? I was simply too embarrassed by the reality itself that I did it in one of these tight washroom", explained the woman about the location at the time .