DISPATCH Unearths The Life Of A 5th Lady Who Used to be  Just about Raped Via JYJ Yoochun

DISPATCH Unearths The Life Of A 5th Lady Who Used to be Just about Raped Via JYJ Yoochun

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn June 28th approximately 6:00 PM KST, Dispatch reported of a lady that was oncejust about raped through Yoochun. She alternatively told DISPATCH the explanation that she did now not seek prison action opposed to Yoochun.

The lady who Dispatch these days interviewed told them that she turned intovirtually raped on a date that Dispatch chose not to expose at her request.

She said that, Who would accept as true with the words of a woman who works at this sort of place?, however she corroborated her tale alongside a message she sent backward and forward with her friend at the day of.

On that day she sent her friend a message pronouncing Park Yoochun had come as a visitor and soon after she messaged back saying, I nearly were given raped. FXXX Park Yoochun

She recounted the day saying, The band got here in and the songbegangambling he called me to the washroom and attempted to rape me.

She struggled and kept refusing and a couple ofmins later was ready to escape. At this point she was livid and messaged her friend yet she concept to herself that reporting would no good.

I didnt think reporting it should make a difference. Each person would be against me, no they wouldnt have confidence me to start with. A woman that works as an escort being raped.I was afraid they would say that

The woman still has no purpose of in the quest for legal action against him.

DISPATCH also interviewed four other ladies who served Yoochun as a customer.

They remembered Park Yoochun as a guy who tipped smartly and enjoyed music, especially hip-hop.

They all acknowledgedsomething in common, When the band comes in and the music starts he's taking his spouse to the washroom. We dont know what occurs inside, we cant listenthe reston account of the band. When he is going in his buddies started snickering. They almost definitely know whats going on inside. We could be able tobest guess.

Since there had never been an indication of violence Dispathc asked if it mighthad been voluntary. To this they shook their head stating.

Sure some of them potentially were willing but there would have been others that werent. Its difficult to combat such a state of affairs thoughbecause we paintings in this field. A massive number ofmind would go your mind. His chums are sitting appropriate outside, its not the thought about violence but the idea that nobody will assist you to that scares you

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