Drama Review 'Beautiful Gong Shim' Episode 13

Drama Review 'Beautiful Gong Shim' Episode 13

This episode repliedmost of the questions I've been posing, yet in peculiar bursts of emotional exposition and flashbacks. Instead ofpaintings linearly, the display has selectedto show answers as strangely placed afterthoughts. This plot layoutis just not the problem; it is thereality that the use of it made numerouspersonahabit for the beyond two episodes totally baffling.

Dan-tae has published himself to his grandmother, and is the reason his distinct loss of emotional reaction to locating his long lost circle of relatives later he found out his identity. This used to be an oversight and had totake place earlier. It made Dan-tae appear to have long pastthru a extraordinary personality shift. This also comprises his reasons for ignoring Gong Shim that he confided to his grandmother. They were simple to guess, but as a viewer, I do notwish towager such things. I wish to exist shown a good, juicy character coming upright through the drama.

AdvertisementCharacters like Joon-soo and Gong Mi are getting the quickfinish of the writing stick. Joon-soo is purely reactionary as he trails 3 steps at the back of Dan-tae's look forthe genuine culprit behind the incident. I appreciate the emotional have an effect on of the placementat the quality and would actually liketo peer more of it. He become shafted this episode. So was Gong Mi, despite the truth thatI ama bit of happier about her. She literally handiestseems to moon over Joon-soo. She's turn out to be a kind of non-entity in any case of the antics she's pulled. I wonder when production will come around to addressing her role in Gong Shim's troubles and in addressing how she deals with the mendacity and trickery in her life.

What was glorious more or less this episode was that we were given the lovely, bubbly chemistry between Dan-tae and Gong Shim back.Minahis so captivating every bit a Gong Shim in love. The nature has chosen to be bolder in love and reacts smartly to her new opportunities in life. I'm worried to get her looped into Dan-tae's story, but there is still a while for that. Till then, we may bein a position to watch her moon adorably over Dan-tae, and he her. The go back of his goofy personality after the month time skip is slightly welcome, especially now that we can see into his idea process.

The villains of this prove are still absolutely negligent, and that is the reason but sad. They are useless. That has to be fixed. Except then, let's just revel in the cute.