TWICE’s Tzuyu Sheds Tears On Television Broadcast For The primary Time Ever

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Regardless of being best eighteen years old, TWICETzuyu has earned a name in her crew for being the mot in keep an eye on of her emotions. 

In fact, even after her neighborhood won 11trackdisplay trophies for their first comeback Cheer Up, enthusiasts noted that Tzuyu used to bereadyto hang back her tears and only specific happiness with each and every win. However, on a contemporary episode of form show Please Take Vehicle of My Refrigerator, in which she and fellow organization member Jungyeon appeared as guest stars, Tzuyu shed tears on tv for the primary time.

After dining a Chinese dish readyby capacity ofprobably the most chefs at the show, Tzuyu failed to carry back her feelings and broke down in tears as cried that the food reminded her of her mother, whos these days back house in Taiwan. At the sight of her tears, many fans expressed sympathy with Tzuyu, whos been education in Korea since she changed into fourteen years old.

Check out this video of a few of Tzuyus funniest moments below:

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