Best of Weekly Tune Shows: 6/20 – 6/26

Best of Weekly Tune Shows: 6/20 – 6/26

20160626_seoulbeats_sistarHighest of Weekly Song Shows: 6/20 6/26Written through Lo On June 27, 2016Welcome back to the maximum productive of Weekly Music Shows! The relative slowness of remaining week persevered this week, with debuts from O21 and Lee Jin Ah, whilst Sistar made their necessary comeback. Exo once back swept the music display wins, yet thats rather less impressive this week, as The Show did no longer air, and Music Bank held their mid-year special. Those are some of my favourite stages of the week.

CLCs No Oh Oh, MBC Show Champion, June 22, 2016

No Oh Oh is a wonderful summer jam, the mix of jazzy soul at therefrain with 90s RB giving it a little bit more bite than the common seasonal bop. CLC nail eachside of this functionality the vocals are flawless, the start is fun, the choreography is quirky without being odd. Yet what won me over is simply how 90s this degree is. The styling, the dance, the song itself; No Oh Oh practically out-90s the 90s itself. This has surpassed homage and long pastimmediately to nostalgia bomb, in the most effective style possible.

U-KISS Stalker, Mnet M!Countdown, June 23, 2016

If I had to describe this stage of Stalker in one word, it can be clean. The vocals are perfectly clean, no stumbling, no warbling, just finely tuned harmonies killing each note. The choreography is similarly clean, every one step and circulate is exact and purposeful. The formation adjustments and moves in rounds are crisp and sharp, precisely on beat. Even the all black styling provides a blank look, marking U-KISS as cohesive while now not dressing them identically.

Soyou x Shownus My Ears Candy, KBS Music Bank Half-Year Special, June 24, 2016

This list can havewithout difficulty been constituted ofnot anything but the special stages from Music Banks mid-year special episode, and I dont think somebody would have blamed me. Still, this cap of Baek Ji-youngs My Ears Sweet is amazing. Soyou gets the risk to in reality utilize and flaunt her breathy, authentic vocals, with Shownu offering the contrasting male edge. Yet its the little touches that give this performance such power, equivalent to Soyou loaning Shownu her microphone 44 seconds in. Your complete phase has this natural, effortless charm that lesser performers would kill for.

Hani x Jihuns Hassle Maker, KBS Music Bank Half-Year Special, June 24, 2016

My other variety from Music Bank is EXIDs Hani and KNKs Jihuns quilt of Trouble Maker. Its not as excellent every bit Soyou and Shownu the camerawork is questionable, and Hanis more than a little stiff and stilted but its on here for one reason: Jihun. That kid is on hearth here. His incredibly flirtatious performance more than covers for Hanis stiffness as he charms the target audience with his suave, self-assured aura. Its as though Jihun is making an attempt to woo all the audience, and he succeeds.

Lunas Loose Somebody, SBS Inkigayo, June 26, 2016

Luna is an phenomenally talented performer, and this performance of Free Somebody perfectly captures why: nothing ever turns outdemanding for her. A dance regimen that puts emphasis on quick, actual movements appears as herbal to her as walking, the annoying vocals of Free Somebody as effortless as breathing. She is owning this stage, having the time of her life, blowing her festival out of the water, and Luna looks as calm and untroubled as if she was oncemendacity on a beach. Making appearingglancesimple is impressive, but what Lunas doing is making it appearance natural, which seems impossible. . . tillyou notice her sing.

Those are my favorite stages of the week! Think I ignored any? Link them in the comments!

(Image by way of Mnet, YouTube 1234)