Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Kang Ji-hwan returns, Jeong Bo-seok gets nervous

Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Kang Ji-hwan returns, Jeong Bo-seok gets nervous

On the episode 27 of MBC Monday Tuesday drama, Kang Gi-tan (Kang Ji-hwan) went to where where Byeon Il-jae (Jeong Bo-seok) was once having his campaign.

On this day, when Kang Gi-tan awoke from unconsciousness after twelve months since he fell in coma, he have become Jo Gi-ryang (Choi Jong-won)'s son, which placed him on the 2nd one rank of Hwapyeongdan. Kang Gi-tan strongly subsidizedby way of Jo Gi-ryang, got here back to Korea from China so as to continue his revenge opposed to Byeon Il-jae.

Kang Gi-tan ordered Yoo Seong-ae (Soo Hyeon) and Adequate Chae-ryeong (Lee El) to bring in Moon Tae-gwang (Jeong Woong-in), and Lee Soo-tak (Kim Dong-hee-I), who have been expelled from Dodo Group.

Kang Gi-tan determined to discuss with the position where Byeon Il-jae becamepreserving his crusade for the election of Seoul town major.

Kang Gi-tan said, "Even when I used to beplacing between lifestyles and death, I may justno longerdisregard the face". When he showed up at the campaign place, Byeon Il-jae was surprisedto look him. Whilst Byeon Il-jae looked nervous, Kang Gi-tan looked comfy smiling at Byeon Il-jae.