MAMAMOOs Brother Team VROMANCE Unveils Plans For Debut

MAMAMOOs Brother Team VROMANCE Unveils Plans For Debut

MAMAMOO’s Brother Crew VROMANCE Unveils Plans For Debutilmare42 June 27, 2016 0 MAMAMOO’s Brother Organization VROMANCE Unveils Plans For Debut MAMAMOO’s brother group VROMANCE will soon be making their debut!

VROMANCE’s 4individuals are leader Park Jang Hyun, Park Hyun Kyu, Lee Chan Dong, and Lee Hyun Suk. All four members of VROMANCE reportedly have very impressive vocal abilities (like their RBW label pals MAMAMOO), and feature worked as vocal running shoes for idols in addition recorded e-book songs for other artists. In addition, Park Jang Hyun and Park Hyun Kyu in the past recorded the music “Love Is…” for the soundtrack of “Heirs,” and Park Jang Hyun released the track “Already Winter” with Huh Gak back in February.

On June 27, VROMANCE shared teasers on their official Facebook page for their upcoming debut and announced that they will be liberating their first mini album “The Action” in early July, featuring the name track “Girl Friend.” The song is described as being funky and fun, with a swing-inspired feel, that’s bound to problem any preconceptions of male vocal teamsmost effectiveplacing out ballads.

RBW describes them as a “vocal group that assists in keepingthe normal feel of different song groups, whilst at the similar time being flexible and in a positionto drag off quite so much ofother genres, addingamusingand stylish music.” They upload that the group’s been operatingdifficultto arrange for their debut for four years with one of the crucial country’s best possible producers, and that their album can beanythingthat folks from all age groups can enjoy.

Ahead in their comeback, VROMANCE will be maintaininga unique busking matchin the community of Hongdae in Seoul on July 2.

Want to get a concentrate to VROMANCE ahead of their official debut? Take a glance at some videos from their professional YouTube channel below!

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