Tzuyu Sheds Tears For The primary Time On Broadcast

Tzuyu Sheds Tears For The primary Time On Broadcast Jun 27, 2016 10:54

Despite the typhoon she have beenthru before, she has simplest shown her sturdysymbolyet this time, on broadcast, Tzuyu sheds tears for the 1st fourth dimensionwhilstbringing up her family.

On the new episode of "Please Cope with My Refrigerator", Two times Tzuyu and Jungyeon are guests. Right through an interview, Tzuyu stocks the satisfied moments she had while diningfoods alongside her family. Jungyeon comments that Tzuyu incessantly mentions that she is thinking of her mother while eating.

Tzuyu adds, "I have memories of eating luckily with my circle of relatives at home". When the MC asks, "Is there a time that you bring to mind your mom while you are eating?" To his, Tzuyu chokes up and tears up while Jungyeon is shocked telling the hosts, "It's the first time she cries on broadcast," while comforting Tzuyu.

She will have to be lacking his circle of relatives and eating with them in her homeland so much. Be stable Tzuyu! Comparable VideosNEWS,Twice,Tzuyu Facebook Twitter Google