Taeyeon & Dean Have Chemistry in “Starlight”

Taeyeon & Dean Have Chemistry in “Starlight”

20160625_seoulbeats_taeyeon_starlight_Taeyeon Dean Have Chemistry in StarlightWritten by skill of Chelsea On June 27, 201620160625_seoulbeats_taeyeon_starlight_1Its practically time for Taeyeon to take over the charts with her sophomore mini Why. For a special pre-release to build anticipation, shes teamed up with Dean for the candy duet, Starlight. Perhaps unknown to some, Dean has been either a manufacturer and lyricist at the back of a handful of SM tracks. Now that hes officially debuted as an artist, it makes sense that SM would invite him to step into the highlight especially with their contemporary push for cross-agency collaborations.

Starlight supplies us a tiny flavor of a rather more electro sound that we may beready tobe expecting from Why, while also appearing off a musical and on-screen chemistry I didnt firstly anticipate, yet I appreciate the entire same. If the teasers are any indication, Taeyeons long pastcomplete California lady for this comeback, and this special pre-release collaboration if very best for both atmosphere the tone of her upcoming unencumber and capturing the dreamy tones of summer.

Starlight is good most sickeningly so and is all about a lonely center that unearths happiness in the heat and love of any individual they meet by chance. Via this person, they are drawn from their gray shell and all at oncethe arena is new, more lovely, more bright. Being with this consumerexhibits a new facet to themselves that they didnt know existed, and they appreciate their lover for making such happiness possible. The songis largelya longer thank you, decorated with plain metaphors regardinggentle and darkness to put acrossthe hole up of a once bloodless heart.

I used to be used to being alone, my days were gray

But I take note the day you lightly got here to me, knocking on my door

You shined on me like a light

Woke me up from darkness

Opened the closed door of my heart

20160625_seoulbeats_taeyeon_dean_starlight_3Of course, the complete metaphors in the lyrics are brought to lifestylesby way of Taeyeon and Deans delivery. Taeyeon is more than in a function to belting out notes, but its at all times the more mild side to her voice that I appreciate. In Starlight she assists in keeping things faded and sweet, with minimum ad-libs or prime notes, and her voice is laced with affection. Dean givesa pleasant balance with his decrease register. Where Taeyeon is mildand maybe guarded, Dean is more robust especially in the choir-style bridge breakdown. Together, their voices compliment one another quite nicely, and the melody feels balanced.

The backing track ft the line between a band and a more electronic genres. Which is appropriate, taking from Taeyeons final album I, which featured a more rock-influenced sound, and Deans RB style. Similar tothe manner their voices came together, so did their respective genres. More than anything else though, Starlight presentations off an excellent musical chemistry between Taeyeon and Dean that Identification like to peer more of in the future.

The musical chemistry also translates into on-screen chemistry in Starlights MV. Like the approaching MV for Why, Starlight became as well filmed in California. The sun, warm pastels, and sea coast scenery all set the easiestdegree for summer romance, and thats precisely what Taeyeon and Dean deliver.

As if they are fated to meet, a rebellious and tsundere Taeyeon bumps into Dean after launching an unwarranted ketchup and mustard attack on a back alley hot dog vendor. They are drawn together to get started with by their corresponding jewelry, and then by their shared love of music.

20160625_seoulbeats_taeyeon_dean_starlight_1Throughout the MV, we watch Taeyeons cold personalitydevelop into into a girl bursting with heat and affection in Deans presence. Much like the lyrics convey, she opens her self up to Dean and in so doing discovers a happier side to herself. Taeyeon then lives the dream in fluffy montages with Dean serenading her at the beach and pillow scuffling with amongst her in his apartment. Taeyeons curious and allusive gaze carries the MV, and how that she looks at Dean (and vise-versa) makes the whole thing extra sweet and intimate.

Im so tempted to jump on the Taeyeon/Dean send bandwagon now.

Behind the cuteness, though, theres anything more that isnt completely fleshed out; a trace of uncertainty or mistrust that ends up inthe general frames in which Dean stands alone, conserving the memories of Taeyeon in the type ofthe hoop and necklace. After all this lovely-dovey warmth, the finishingroughly irks me. Are we supposed to read Dean statusby myself holding the jewelry (followed by a scene of Taeyeon walking away) as an indicationin their romances end? The longing expression on Deans face has me thinking so; however, wouldnt that go opposed to everything the song and MV were narrating? Maybe its meant to be open ended, or perhaps Im reading it entirely wrong, but the tone of the ultimate shots doesnt appearto slot with the remainder of the MV.

Awkward ending aside, Starlight is the bestsort of dreamy jam to kick off SMs string of summer releases. For the explanation that IT featured two of my favourite solo artists, it was almost guaranteed I mightrevel in the collaboration, but Starlight exceeded my expectations. Its mainly the chemistry between Taeyeon and Dean that I need to thank for that. Maximum importantly, Starlight has me even more excited for Taeyeons new album which Im lovelycertain was SMs preciseobjective with this pre-release.

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