"Incarnation of Jealousy" Lee Mi-sook, Lee Seong-jae and Park Ji-yeong

"Incarnation of Jealousy" actors Lee Mi-sook, Lee Seong-jae and Park Ji-yeong are about to display screen some middle-aged romance.

The 3 very sturdy characters will bring a sensation in the centerelderlypersonality world.

Lee Mi-sook takes at the part of Gye Seong-sook, a feminine anchor who started out as a reporter. She has air of mystery that no guy can defeat. Lee Seong-jae is a chef and development owner named Kim Rak. He supplies the a very powerfulposition for the major characters to get together.

Park Ji-yeong takes on the role of Bang Ja-yeong, the director of the director of announcers. She has a super sense of pride in herself and is a superbtaking a look elite.

Between Gye Seong-sook and Bang Ja-yeong is Kim Rak.

According to sources, everyand eachone of the crucial characters is dimensional. Their lives are appealingadequate to stayeach person on the thresholdin their seats.

"Incarnation of Jealousy" is coming in August.