Spoiler "Beautiful Gong Shim" Min-ah, gets assist from Nam Goong-min whilst comforting On Joo-wan

On "Beautiful Gong Shim", On Joo-wan saw Kyeon Miri (Yeom Tae-hee) at the arboretum.

She used to be there because she were givena choice that Kim Byeong-ok (Eom Tae-cheol) got into an coincidence there.

On Joo-wan did not know this and drank by way of himself.

On Joo-wan called Minah (Gong Shim) and hung up briefly after saying, "I'm sorry".

However, Minah called him back to invite where he changed into and went to get him.

On Joon-wan walked with Minah to the park by his house.

He leaned on Minah's shoulder and she could notgo so she called Namgoong Min (Ahn Dan-tae).

He asked what took place and Minah explained.