Kim Seong-min dies of brain damage, donates organs

Kim Seong-min dies of brain damage, donates organs

Actor Kim Seong-min who was once nous dead after making an attempt to dedicate suicide, died.

Operations to take away his organs for donation started at 6PM at the 26th and done about 9:45PM. His lifestylesfortifybecame lifted around 11.20PM after suture, in keeping withmedical institution officials.

His frame volition soon be installed the mortuary.

Kim was diagnosed of brain wreck at 10:10AM by potential of the committee of brain death confirmation.

Kim was respiringvia a respirator all through the operation to extract his organs for donation. However, the criminal death time on his death certificate is mentioned at 10:10AM.

Kim Seong-min has at all timesstated he would donate his organs and that is the reason what his circle of relativesdetermined to do. But even so his heart, lung and intestine, his kidneys, liver and corneas could be donate to five patients.

Kim attempted to kill himself in his toilet on the 24th. He was taken to the medical institution and revived for 30 or so mins only was showed to be brain damaged.

To save youfurther brain damage, he was taken to the neurosurgical in depth care unit but was diagnosed of hypoxia brain damage.

Kim's funeral is in room 14 of the Seoul Sungmo Hospital and the coffin will be borne out on the 28th at 8:15 in the morning.

Meanwhile, police claim there isn't any evidence to mention that his death was murder.