Samsung's Flagship Shop in Long island Proves Popular

Samsung's Flagship Shop in Long island Proves Popular

Visitors watch a video at thegiant screen at Samsung 837 in New York. /Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Samsung's flagship shop in Long island has been proving popular as it has attracted some 150,000 visitors in exactly4 months since its opening in February.

Samsung's reaction to the Apple Store, Samsung 837 isn't a retail store at all yet a "digital playground", as the tech giant calls it, where visitors can check out Samsung products and enjoyquite so much of special occasions and exhibitions the usage ofsensiblegadgets and technology. It is called after its cope with on Washington Street.

The store includes a three-story tall theater screen used to turnmotion pictures and concerts for free, and a gallery called "Social Galaxy", which showcases photographs and messages on social network accounts on three hundredlaptop monitors, pill PCs and smartphone display screen surrounding them in a replicate tunnel.

There could also be a virtual truth tunnel, a demonstration kitchen provided amongst smart houseinstruments and a area where the newestunitsakin to the EquipmentAre compatible two and Galaxy S7 are displayed.

Staff there handiestassist visitors enjoy the space. Zach Overton, vice president and total manager of the store, acknowledgedit's milesno longer meaningful to justbuilding up the choice of sales stores because consumers send away right awaypurchasethe restthey would like at any time employingcellular devices. He called the distance a "digital playground" that New Yorkers would would like to revisit.

It is now being frequented by potential of over 1,000 other people per day all over weekdays and 2,000 to 3,000 on weekends.

The location of Samsung 837 also isgambling to its advantage. It's in the Meatpacking District, which used to be abode to a primevariety of butcher department stores and meat processing factories. But because the 2000s, young artists started to come into the spacetrying to findinexpensive housing, and now it is one of the freshest spots in New York, filled with galleries and model shops. The High Line Park and the Whitney Museum of yank Art also are only a 3 minute walk away.