Watch: Block B’s Park Kyung Makes Excellent On 1st Position Promise With Monkey Costume

Watch: Block Bs Park Kyung Makes Excellent On 1st Position Promise With Monkey Dress ehk38 June 26, 2016 0 Watch: Block Bs Park Kyung Makes Nice On 1st Place Promise With Monkey Costume Block Bs Park Kyung is a guy of his word, even at his own expense!

On the June 26 episode of tvN formdisplay Problematic Men, the forgedcontributors are baffled through a guy in a complete monkey costume sitting in PD Chans seat, whilst Park Kyungs seat is empty.

Jun Hyun Moo explains that Park Kyung is donning a monkey costume for this episode to make good on his first place promise for solo song Inferiority Complex.

The solid members arent convinced that the PD is under the suit, thinking its a guise to full them. Jun Hyun Moo jokes, If Park Kyung wins today, neatly give him a box of bananas.

Park Kyung seems in a full monkey suit from any other corner, sudden the cast members. He seems like he didnt cut any corners, dressed in full costume makeup and a unibrow for a stylized touch.

The cast members can notinvolve their laughter as they cry out, So cute!

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