Drama Review 'Vampire Detective'

Drama Review 'Vampire Detective'

After handing over some a laugh and usual dramas like"Bad Guys", "Missing Noir M" and"My Stunning Bride"in the outdated couple of years, OCN was onceneatly on its way to hanging a love of gimmicks and repetitive ideas aside. Unfortunately for the channel and for viewers,"Vampire Detective"is a go back of the onesproblems simultaneously plagued by way ofloss of vision and bad writing. In all probability its few just rightpartswill also be used larger in the future.

Yoon San (Lee Joon) and Yong Goo-hyeong (Oh Jeong-se) run a personal detective agency. Whilstrunning on a case, San is injected with a substance which transforms him into a vampire. Han Gyeo-wool (Lee Se-yeong), the sister of the individualconcernedmakes a decisionto register for their firm and to find out who killed her brother. The 3move up opposed to an underground vampire organization.

Advertisement Something crime displays alongside standalone instances are ceaselesslysmart with is social statement on existing or prevalent subjects and dangers. The series does now notbe offering an in-depth look, yet it does feature several such sub plots. From shaman conmen to online streaming entertainment, there is no less than an try toput across a ethical or a cautionary tale. One of the most guest characters in those sub plots are more appealing than the leads.

There are multiple other greatconcepts which may have flourished better here. For one, there is minimum involvement of the police in spite of that being a staple of such works. We also get a feminine villain, which is a rarity out of doors of the matriarch and romantic rival archetypes of ladies antagonists in Korean drama. For a quick while, this villain is enjoyable.

Good things sadly don'tclosing long in"Vampire Detective". The primaryprimaryfactor of the series is a solid of major characters who, with the exception of Gyeo-wool do not discussvery important plot points, do not have interaction beyond the superficial or maybespecificmind and feelings on anything elseexcludingthe leading pointsin their assigned tasks. These are talented actors, but they are completely wasted on cardboard cutout characters and a tedious main plot.

The aforementioned villain, Yo-na (Lee Cheong-ah) is given a talechopping her motivation to not anything more than the obsession of a scorned lover sooner than she is abandoned. The taleultimatelymakes a speciality of two characters the series never develops ample to give audience a reason why to care. The vampirism is best used to bring bland action scenes and simple crime solving via magical abilities.

All of this and the injection of the key story by the drop as some way to mask its vacancy create an overly uninspiring and unengaging drama. It feels as though the creators wrote down tipsand easilyshapeda chain out of them without reason or direction. The finishing hints to a imaginable2nd season, but"Vampire Detective"needs major revamping and re-vamping.

"Vampire Detective"is directed byKim Ga-ramandLee Seung-hoon-IV, written byYoo Youngseonand featuresLee Joon,Oh Jeong-se,Lee Se-yeongandLee Cheong-ah.