Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 14

Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 14

Now that the jar has been destroyed Hong-joo is forced to interchange gears to her old plan to handle power- King Seonjo's physical illness. Which more or less begs the query of why Hong-joo ever even wanted two plans in the primary place. King Seonjo most commonlycherished Hong-joo back when he first invited her to the palace. Now he doesn't, thank you to the entire politicking concerned amongst Hong-joo's 2nd plan. We willpass back even additional than that and beauty why Hong-joo had to kill the crown prince at all since making him unwell would werea load more efficient.

But whatever questionable twisty avenue led"Mirror of the Witch"to this point, one truth nosotros now know for sure- it is up to Jun to save the day. The level to which the supporting solidhas a tendency to be superfluous at best possible and outright adversarial at worst is one of the vitalstandard frustrating spots of"Mirror of the Witch". Poong-yeon has by some meanscontrollednot tobe toldthe rest over the process the drama's complete runtime, so we just have to pray he does not ruin things via being a whole idiot.

What's specifically uncanny is that Jun is the only forced to make political inroads with those who Poong-yeon if fact exist told knows personally. That Jun is the user who has to cajole Sol-gae to re-examine her allegiances is solelyundeniable weird. It also takes a rathera bit of of good fortune and effort on Jun's phaseso asto hang council with King Seonjo, while Poong-yeon, who speaks to the regent regularly, just comes up with more bad ideas.

AdvertisementAnd he is notthe sole one. It be perplexing how Hyeon-seo is obviouslyno less thanin part in keep watch over of his own body, yet is not able to take correct counter-measures opposed to Hong-joo's magic or maybenicely warn people that he would possibly randomly lose his own mind. Yo-gwang turns oututterly incapable of working out what to on his own, and is only useful when following Jun's orders.

All in all Heo-ok is truly a more nicejust right guy than many of theexactsmart guys, because he is too incompetent to be of much use to the villains. Of path at this point his role in the tale is similarly equally pointless, so that is not much in the style of praise. At the least the story's winding down, but it actually is discouraging to look Jun solve issues in mere mins that other characters have failed to take on for the whole course of the drama.