WINNER Stocks The Degree With The youngsters Of “Half-Moon Friends”

WINNER Stocks The Degree With The youngsters Of “Half-Moon Friends”

WINNER Stocks The Degree amongstThe children Of Half-Moon Buddies leonid June 26, 2016 0 WINNER Shares The Stage With The youngsters Of Half-Moon Friends The kids of Half-Moon Chumsin spite of everything see WINNER in their part onstage.

During the 9th episode of Half-Moon Company aired on June 25, the kids sign up for the idol crew during their tournament in Daegu.

Although the kids are surprised to peer WINNER in fancy functionality outfits unlike their standard get-ups, they briefly settle into their familiar embraces and shaggy dog story around with them, having a look warm and friendly with each and every other onstage.

Behind-the-scenes snapshots from the episode display the kids behind the scenes waiting with the singers, and onstage greeting the audience.

WINNER permits the Part Moon Peers kids to introduce themselves one via one, adding the brothers Jung Woo and Nam Woo who appear to be fan favorites of the Daegu crowd.

Furthermore, they entertain the target audience when Nam Tae Hyun activates the youngest Ha Yul to demonstrate his lovable wink, and when they all dance in combination for the overall performance of Sentimental.

The idol neighborhood tells the audience, We appreciateall and sundry raising children.

They continue, Those kids are so type and cute, we remorseful about that we want tomove our separate techniques now. We wish to create glad memories with them till the end, so we ask you to cheer us on.

Half-Moon Friends airs on Saturdays at 9:40 p.m. KST. The prove will finish its run after its 12th episode, scheduled to air on July 16.

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