Netizens notice G-Friend’s pre-debut photos

Netizens notice G-Friend’s pre-debut photos

11kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Netizens bring together pre-debut footageand faculty yearbook photographs of the contributors of rookie woman group G-Friend.

Rookie girl workforce G-Friend has been making waves in the K-pop industry since their debut in early 2015.

Netizens on Pann, have found out G-Friends pre-debut photos and compiled them all into a well-liked trending post:

It turns out that G-Friend hasnt replaced much from their college years. On the opposite hand I couldnt appreciate Eunha at all. I hope G-Friend succeeds!!

261 / -15 Wow they were all beautiful when they were more youthful And who in the sector made them all get nose surgeries!

125 / -13 Haha I presumed that this post was once just every other prank post with photography of someones girlfriend

123 / -16 They are all so pretty! Im going to hear their songs more from now on!

16 / -16 Wow she has way too much makeup on!

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