Hong Jin Kyung Opens Up About Her Beyond Battle With Cancer On “Unni’s Slam Dunk”

Hong Jin Kyung Opens Up About Her BeyondFight amongst Cancer On Unnis Slam Dunkehk38 June 24, 2016 0 Hong Jin Kyung Opens Up About Her Past Struggle With Cancer On Unnis Slam Dunk At the June 24 broadcast of KBS2 program Unnis Slam Dunk, forged member Hong Jin Kyung unearths her day via day life.

As a mom and entrepreneur, she hardly ever has time to take a seat down sooner than she heads to the clinic for a fitness check-up.

Hong Jin Kyung explains that those health check-ups are a standarda section of her life, I am getting a health check-up once each and every3 months.

Im all larger now, she says, alluding to her past struggle with ovarian cancer.

Reflecting on that season of her life, Hong Jin Kyung shares, Nobody who is as young as me gets a health check-up once each three months. YetI've beenill before, and I used to be sorry to my kid because I were given sick correctround the fourth dimension she was oncebeginning to walk.

Thats why I exercised like loopy and got remedy and now Im all better. I'mthe genuine Screening Humanity,' she says, regarding the KBS documentary show.

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