Jin Goo Takes At the “Shoot For Love” Subject To Carry  Cash  For kids With Cancer

Jin Goo Takes At the “Shoot For Love” Subject To Carry Cash For kids With Cancer

Jin Goo Takes At the Shoot For romanceSituation To LiftCashFor youngsters With Cancerehk38 June 24, 2016 0 Jin Goo Takes On The Shoot For Love Challenge To Raise Money For Tots With Cancer Descendants of the Sun celebrity Jin Goo is paying it forward.

The actor took on the Shoot for Love challenge on June 23 at the Goyang Gym in Gyeonggi-do.

Entitled the Shoot for Love Not possible Mission, the challenge is composedof creating a shot from the easiestpoint of the gym, which is 50 meters above the basket. It's themaximumtricky challenge to date.

Past missions have consisted of footballavid gamers shooting at archery objectives from 10 meters away, with each and every point s/he makes converting to donations for children with cancer.

Before taking over the challenge, Jin Goo shares, It's milesstated that if children with cancer are ready to get well timed treatment, their survival rate will succeed in 80 percent. I ask for your passion in this issue in order that children dont lose their lives from failing to get remedybecause ofmonetary reasons and that we don'tpreventtill the children can get treatment.

Jin Goo adds, And remainsturdyto thesesuffering alongsideformative years cancer.

A die-hard fan of the Goyang Orions, Jin Goo has made no secret about his love for basketball. The result of Jin Goos mission could beprintedthru a video on the Shoot For Love reliable Facebook page on June 28 at nine p.m. KST.

Were rooting for you, Jin Goo!

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