SNSD Hyoyeon 'SNSD Secret To Longevity We Shouldn't have Tough Members'

SNSD Hyoyeon 'SNSD Secret To Longevity? We Shouldn't haveTricky Members' Jun 25, 2016 06:01

9027 -586 You'reannouncing that you have nocomplicated members 'anymore'4769 -209 The explanation whythey are lasting long is because they admirethat they are all in my viewother 3047 -307 Hyoyeon looks much prettier2107 -253 I'm hoping noonas will unlock a new song this year2041 -309 They'vea massive number of members equivalent in age, so it is like having variouspals 786 -85 Neatly you had one challenging member yet she left voluntarily707 -63 kkk 1 loss for Jessica632 -62 That 'difficult' member is long gone now...600 -76 It is somewhat amazing that they have made it this far, since they've gotso much of members

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