Girls’ Generation Sunny’s Strive At Korean Patriotism Angers Jap K-Pop Fans

Girls’ Generation Sunny’s Strive At Korean Patriotism Angers Jap K-Pop Fans

4kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter To celebrate the anniversary of the March 1st movement, a holiday that celebrates Korean national independence from Japan, Girls GenerationSunny posted a photo of the Korean flag on her Instagram account. 

Along with the photo, the singer also hooked up a caption, which read A country that has forgotten its history has no future, caution fellow Koreans not toomit about how their ancestors had suffered belowEastern colonialism in the past.

However, after seeing her post, many of Sunnys Japanese lovers felt attacked through her status, and left their mind and observeof recommendation as comments for the Ladies Generation member:

1. Unni, no Sunny. I notice at once what you in point of fact feel like. I truly dearWomen Generation, but now I know what youre thinking even if youre in Japan. So we have not any future?

2. Numerous your fans are Japanese. Did you know this makes us feel really uncomfortable? I admire Korea, so Im no longer going to discuss whats appropriatein keeping withfaculty or the internet. Know that there are Japanese fans that love you, I see no point in you doing this here even for Korean fans. There are numerousother people in Japan looking at your actions. This makes my centerpain that we cant see you on Japanese Television anymore. Dont impress Japan anymore. This may actually worsen scenarios and assistthe folkslooking topressure K-pop out of Japan.

3. So why dont you simplyprevent coming to Japan to make money?

4. You have fans round the world, so please be more thoughtful of Japanese fans.

A photo posted by 써니 (Sunny) (@515sunnyday) on Feb 28, 2015 at 3:28pm PST

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