5 Reasons Why You Will have to  Cross To KCON NYC

5 Reasons Why You Will have to Cross To KCON NYC

KCON 15 NY At The Prudential Center - August 8th, 2015 PHOTOS KCON NY kicks off on Friday, Jun. 24, 2016 at Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. But even sothe largest K-Pop concert to touch the east coast since final Summer's, there are five other things fanaticsmust know about the All Things Hallyu match that may also be convenient on your liking!


Prudential Center is in the hub of downtown Newark. A bus station is situatedcorrect in front of the arena OR you'll evening walk a couple of blocks to Penn Station where it's going to take you anyplace in the tri-state! And do now not exist disturbed or so being late. Uber and Lyft will exist everywhere!

Korean food tutorials may be in action but if you aretrying to find some food genuine quick, there is a Chipotle round the corner in addition a Dinosaur BBQ and a McDonald's at Penn Station. For dessert, Luigi's Ice Cream truck that serves ice cream inside of a hot crispy glazed doughnut is expounded to be promoting their cuisine at KCON as well!

So many new subjects are going to be discussed in KCON this year. Knowing that the recent York preventis simply in its 2nd year, not many are acquainted withwhere and thenyou couldcrosstake a glance at East Coast K-Spots on Sunday, or maybefind out how to save (and earn) some money for long term K-Pop occasions at Hallyu Fan on a Budget on Saturday! (Hint: We will be at the ones panels!)

Many fans are busy taking a look for artist engagement passes and such, but many don't know that visiting the booths at KCON will leave you with Numerousloose stuff. Swag bags of attractiveness product samplers, portable chargers, snacks, and more! It's an unendingconference of freebies!


Nothing's higher than coming in combination to celebrate K-Pop. They say track unites all. And I trustthat is what KCON is doing with their concert! So grasp up gentle sticks, do your fan chants, sing your center out as the two-night partyis going on for K-Pop!

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